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Circular Blu LLC


Circular Blu is redefining the value of waste by creating circular economy infrastructure and design principles to create sustainable products that improve community and environmental health. Through our consulting and action process, Circular Blu works with all material stakeholders to create closed loop systems that yield downcycled and upcycled products out of waste that was meant for landfills or incinerators. With your help we will create domestic sustainable jobs and economic growth while protecting our eco-system and human health. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Circular Blu is producing personal protection equipment such as sterilization wrap masks.

Business Overview

North America
Primary NAICS Code
Textile Bag and Canvas Mills (314910)
Secondary NAICS Code(s)
Textile Bag and Canvas Mills (314910)


11 West Main Street, Suite 5,
Bradford, New Hampshire 3221
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