Textile Connect

Textile Connect is a holistic, knowledge-intensive, innovative, global, collaborative, and flexible website designed to connect textile complex companies, events, resources, product and market information, from various government, industry, and academic sources to the United States textile complex.

Apparel and Product Manufacturing

Production of clothing and various consumer goods


Market segments for textile products


Marketing and distribution of components and products

Medical and Hygiene

Healthcare settings, PPE, wound care, medical devices, personal hygiene


Other textile-related industries

Post-fabric Processing

Post-fabric processing: cutting and sewing, finishing

Raw Materials

Raw and ancillary materials for textile and nonwoven production

Supporting Organizations

Textile and ancillary organizations, research and education

Textile Manufacturing

Fabrics and materials created through weaving, knitting, or other methods

Textile Products

Finished, consumer-ready textile goods


Efficient movement of textiles and goods throughout the supply chain

Wholesale and Retail

Distribution and sale of textile products to consumers and businesses

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