Canfab Products Ltd.

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Canfab Products Ltd.


Awnings Awnings, Commercial Awnings, Contract Design Awnings, Fixed-Frame Awnings, Illuminated (Backlit) Awnings, Residential Awnings, Retractable Awnings, Wholesale Banners Canopies Canopies, Commercial Canopies, Residential Covers, Floor Curtains Graphics, Custom Installation, Awnings Signage, Awning Signage, Banner Tarpaulins, Cotton Duck Tarpaulins, Mesh Tarpaulins, Polyethylene Tarpaulins, Vinyl

Business Overview

North America
Primary NAICS Code
Textile Bag and Canvas Mills (314910)
Secondary NAICS Code(s)
Textile Bag and Canvas Mills (314910)


12819 144 St NW
Edmonton AB T5L 4R6 CANADA 546
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