YKKUSA Inc (Greensboro)

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YKKUSA Inc (Greensboro)


During this challenging time, as companies are called upon to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, YKK is pleased to assist our valued partners in the medical and personal protective equipment (PPE) industries. We can manufacture key fastening components for medical masks and face shields, hospital gowns, medical beds and bedding, medical devices, hospital bed covers, tent shelters, isolation chambers, Level B Hazmat suits, and many other types of equipment & supplies. Our fastening products, including zippers, hook & loop, injection-molded plastic parts such as cord locks, webbing, and snap & buttons, can be found in numerous medical products and equipment used in healthcare facilities around the world. With manufacturing in over 70 countries, including USA production, we are available to support the increasing needs of the medical and healthcare community.

Business Overview

North America
Guilford County
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3908 S Rockingham Rd
Greensboro, North Carolina 27407
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