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Knit Masters LLC


Knitmasters manufactures highly technical 2-D and 3-D knitted functional fabrics with a flair. Our computerized process allows us to engineer knitted fabric to specific shapes to meet most needs. Design expertise and state-of-the-art equipment provide the flexibility to transform most ideas into reality. Knitmaster’s prides itself on innovation, product quality, and customer service. We control our raw material production and work with our custom yarn engineer to engineer the unique polymer and fiber properties required for the end user. We operate a full-service R&D lab with state of the art testing and quality control capabilities. We can work with you to develop unique fabric shapes, structures, patterns, colors, and characteristics. Knitmasters, creates knitted fabrics that fit specific shapes and meets unique design requirements. Knitmasters` design expertise, production capabilities, and just-in-time processes will eliminate cut-and-sew operations and costly materials such as foam and upholstery.

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North America
Guilford County
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7109 Cessna Dr
Greensboro, North Carolina 27409
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